Welbeck Woodyard Firewood

18 September 2012

Welbeck Woodyard Firewood

The Welbeck Woodyard is now selling oak firewood in cubic metre bags. As oak is slow growing, the wood is hard and tight grained, making it hot burning and efficient. There is free delivery to orders within a ten mile radius of Welbeck. Small bags of logs and stickwood are also available. Welbeck Woodyard office hours are 9am to 1pm, Monday - Friday.




Welbeck Woodyard Firewood Pricelist 2012

One cubic metre bag of oak: £80 (Welbeck employee and retiree price:  £74 )

One cubic metre bag of oak collected from Welbeck Woodyard: £70

Small bags of logs and stickwood: £4.50 per bag

For prices of deliveries outside of the 10 miles radius, please contact the Welbeck Woodyard.