19 AUG

Ceramic Summer School

Harley Gallery

Ceramic Summer School

Bring the kids to enjoy our two day workshop with Harley Studio potter Rachel Wood. Children will experiment with clay to learn how to hand build, impress and finish a collection of work inspired by Welbeck. The children will spend time in the studio learning pottery techniques and will also take a woody walkabout with Rachel (who has just spent twelve weeks in Australia on a ceramic residency). They will sketch and explore local woodland and forage for leaves, twigs and bark, which will provide inspiration for their ceramics. Rachel will fire the children's finished work in the kiln and it will be available for collection at a later date.

Time: 10am - 1pm
Cost: £30 per child 

10 places available for children aged 7 – 12 years (adults do not need to accompany children)
Please wear suitable footwear and clothing to take a short ten minute walk.
Refreshments will be provided.