Made at Welbeck

Welbeck is home to a community of food producers, craftspeople and visual artists who are dedicated to upholding an artisan tradition, in an innovative way.

Visit The Courtyard at Welbeck to enjoy a selection of the estate’s produce, where you can find the 'Made at Welbeck' range. 


A fine selection for food lovers 

Welbeck Farm Shop stocks a wide selection of Welbeck's artisan food producers' tried and tested handcrafted produce in-store and online.

These include:   

  • A selection of award-winning handcrafted ales from Welbeck Abbey Brewery.
  • A wide variety of sourdough and viennoiserie bakes with no added preservatives from Welbeck Bakehouse
  • Fresh raw milk is delivered daily from a herd of 100 pedigree Holstein cows to an in-store vending machine, from Welbeck Dairy
  • A fine quality raw milk blue cheese made from a single herd at Stichelton Dairy.
  • Seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, along with fresh duck and hen eggs provided by Steve Wright in the Welbeck Kitchen Garden.

Don't miss a stop off to The Harley Café, where you can enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch made with produce from the 'Made at Welbeck' range. 

If you would like to learn to make your own ‘Made at Welbeck’ quality produce, try a course at the internationally acclaimed School of Artisan Food


Stay with us

We have a selection of holiday accommodation here on the Welbeck estate that will make your visit extra special. Stay in the heart of the Welbeck Village in The Winnings or select a stay in a nearby village at Holbeck Farm Barns or Stable Cottage in Belph.