Made at Welbeck

Welbeck is home to a community of food producers, craftspeople and visual artists who are dedicated to upholding an artisan tradition, in an innovative way.

Visit The Courtyard at Welbeck to enjoy the estate’s produce. Here you can find the 'Made at Welbeck' range, which showcases produce made on the estate.

Look for the 'Made at Welbeck' logo while you shop at The Harley Gallery’s award winning shop and Welbeck Farm Shop, which has a reputation as one of the best in the country.

The range includes meat, game and charcuterie from the Welbeck estate, raw milk from the Welbeck Dairy, Stichelton cheese, Welbeck Bakehouse bread, Welbeck Abbey Brewery ales, Janie Withers knitted textiles, Kyra Cane ceramics, Laura Baxter jewellery, Natalie Harris jewellery, Rachel Wood ceramics and Steve Handley furniture.

If you would like to learn to make your own ‘Made at Welbeck’ quality produce, try a course at the internationally acclaimed School of Artisan Food.

Kyra Cane Ceramics in The Harley Studios, Welbeck. Made at Welbeck.Welbeck Bakehouse - A Welbeck Artisan Food Producer. Made at Welbeck.Janie WithersSteve Handley - The Harley Studios, Welbeck. Made at Welbeck.Raw Milk from the Welbeck Dairy. Made at Welbeck.

Natalie Harris Jewellery in The Harley Studios - Made at Welbeck.Rachel Wood Ceramics in The Harley Studios. Made at Welbeck. Welbeck Abbey Brewery - A Welbeck Artisan Food Producer. Made at Welbeck.Own-cured Bacon at Welbeck Farm Shop. Made at Welbeck.