Belph and Back

A scenic countryside walk through fields to the nearby hamlet of Belph, with a picturesque stream and quintessential village.

The walk includes a range of surfaces, with some slight inclines, fields, country road crossings and uneven stretches. 


Distance: 1.2 miles (4.0 km)(round trip)

Time: 1 hour (round trip)

Difficulty: Easy / Moderate

OS Map:  Explorer 270, Sherwood Forest  



1. Start this walk in The Courtyard at Welbeck and go through the gate next to The Harley Gallery. Please take care when crossing the road behind the gallery. 

The car park is open Monday - Saturday, 8am - 5pm. Sunday, 8am - 4pm. Closed Easter Sunday and over the Christmas period. Free parking.  Please note the car park is locked at the close of business. (Times may vary).

2. Follow the first part of the Harley Art Trail along the woodland path until you get to the road crossing. Carefully cross the road and turn right, keeping to the footpath along the A60. Go past the 19th-century Welbeck lodge until you approach an opening through a field on your left. 

3. Head into the field and keep to the grass path between the hedges and trees. Continue on until you reach a wooden gate at Hennymoor Lane. 

4. Be aware of fast-moving cars. Carefully cross the road and head through the gate on the opposite side. 

5. Follow the path along the edge of Creswell Quarry, until you reach the opening to a small stream.

6. Turn right, and follow the path into the village of Belph.

7. End. Retrace your steps to return back to The Courtyard at Welbeck to enjoy coffee and cake back at The Harley Café.  


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The Hamlet of Belph  

Belph is a hamlet in the parish of Hodthorpe and Belph, within the district of Bolsover, on the Welbeck estate. The village has two parts, Belph Village and Penny Green. 

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