Inside Welbeck - Welbeck Curators

30 April 2013

Inside Welbeck - Welbeck Curators

Meet Derek Adlam, curator and Gareth Hughes, collections manager of the Portland Collections, built up over the centuries by the Cavendish-Bentinck family here at Welbeck. From silverware to paintings, textiles to miniatures, the Portland Collections contains extraordinary examples of fine and decorative arts.


Derek Adlam, harpsichordist, clavichordist and maker of historical keyboard instruments came to Welbeck to work with the Harley Foundation’s newly opened art and craft workshops. He contributed to the Foundation’s charitable work, and supervised many of its artistic developments, including the building of the Harley Gallery. Following 21 years of work with English Heritage, Gareth Hughes brought his expertise of managing collections to Welbeck where he is responsible for the management of the Portland Collections’ extensive database along with the organization of conservation work, and handling of loan arrangements and research enquiries.

Working alongside Derek and Gareth, Kate Martin, Michael Fraser and Mark Roberts lend an expert hand in the cataloging and conservation of the vast collection. Additionally, David Hibbert and his Welbeck Abbey Maintenance team lend a crucial hand in the movement and installation of collection items.

Alongside their care of the collection, Derek and Gareth work closely with the Harley Gallery in the planning and execution of their fascinating Treasury Gallery exhibitions. Don’t miss the upcoming Treasury Gallery exhibition, opening the 25th of May, which features Edward Harley, husband to Welbeck’s own Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles. Edward was a dedicated collector who amassed an extensive and extravagant collection of art, decorative crafts and fine books throughout his lifetime. There are also a few tickets left for the Portland Collections State Rooms Tours running this summer from the 19th of August to the 30th of September.