Mary Berry Visits the Welbeck Bakehouse

25 September 2014

Mary Berry Visits the Welbeck Bakehouse

As part of the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ series, Mary Berry, one of Britain's best loved TV cooks recreates her Great Great Grandfather's recipes to make traditional bread in the Welbeck Bakehouse.

Mary Berry's Great Great Grandfather, Robert Houghton, was a baker. He lived in Norwich and among other things, supplied bread to the local workhouse.

Looking for a venue where Mary Berry could recreate her Great Great Grandfather’s recipes as authentically as possible, the BBC 1 production company came upon the Welbeck Bakehouse. Mary was given the task of hand-moulding and shaping loaves on the Bakehouse's huge wooden table and baking in the their enormous wood-fired ovens.

The Welbeck Bakehouse prides itself in using traditional fermentation processes to produce delicious breads and patisserie with great taste and artisan style. You can find a wide range of Welbeck Bakehouse breads and patisserie in the Welbeck Farm Shop.