Made at Welbeck food range expands

01 November 2019

Made at Welbeck food range expands

Pork pie is a quintessential British treat all year round but during the festive season it becomes one of the main go-to delicacies for any party spread.

As for Boxing Day supper? Well, it wouldn’t be complete without the traditional pork pie. So, as part of the preparations for this year’s festive stock, Welbeck Farm Shop set out to create a home-made artisan pork pie that would fit in nicely with its Made at Welbeck food range over the party season and also become a year-round staple.

With the challenge set, the team rose to the task. The award-winning butchery team joined forces with Ricky Stephenson, head chef at The Harley Café, to devise a winning recipe for the pie. The result is a traditional pie filled with free range pork, sourced from nearby Clumber Park, encased in a thick, crispy pastry.

“It’s the Welbeck tradition to focus on the production and supply of fine foods,” explained Oliver Stubbins, General Manager of Welbeck Farm Shop and The Harley Café.

“We use only the highest quality ingredients and stock the freshest, local produce. Our new range of pork pies follow that tradition. They are made in small batches meaning that we’re able to use the best ingredients and pay more attention to the detail in the production. The pies then have a depth of flavour.”

  • Why not put them to the test yourself? The pork pies are available now to buy in Welbeck Farm Shop. Christmas orders are also being taken in-store for the pork pies as well as all the festive fare needed from free range turkeys, Christmas puddings and mince pies, to chocolates and cheeses.