Now’s the time to make the most of seasonal food

30 June 2020

Now’s the time to make the most of seasonal food

We all pretty much take it for granted that we can eat any variety of fruit and veg all year round. The difference though between food that’s been shipped over from far flung countries and food that’s been freshly picked is… well, oceans apart.

Out of season fruits that have spent days or weeks travelling from sunnier climes tend to lose their flavour along the way. On the other hand, seasonal food that’s been produced locally is much fresher, meaning it’s still full of nutrients and flavour.

Eating seasonal food produced locally means you’ll be getting the freshest, best food that’s not only healthier but good for the planet too.

July through to September is abundant with British fruit and vegetables. Over the next month, you’ll be able to pick up fresh ingredients which are at their absolute best from radishes, spinach, and peppers through to broadbeans, beetroot, carrots and tomatoes.

There’s also a wide choice of soft fruits coming into their own including raspberries, gooseberries and black currants as well as strawberries. They all make great additions to pop into any number of desserts – and, crammed with vitamins C, A and E, are good for you too!


Supporting local growers

As champions of quality food, Welbeck Farm Shop works with a trusted network of regional growers and producers to supply an array of in-season vegetables and fruit.

General Manager, Oliver Stubbins, said: “It’s a wonderful time for fresh, seasonal food right now. We’re spoilt for choice. The Farm Shop is bursting with produce and everything a cook could want. We take great care in making sure our stock is of the best quality and we work with local producers so that there are few food miles. It’s good for our health and our planet.”

One of the local producers, the Farm Shop works with is Rhubarb Farm. The eight-acre organic farm at nearby Langwith was set up as a social enterprise with the aim of changing lives and land. It works with groups to develop skills and opportunities, while nurturing the land and grows produce sold within Welbeck Farm Shop.

The farm shop also sources produce from other local food champions, including Starkey’s; Nottinghamshire’s expert grower of the Bramley apple and home of the original Bramley known across the world. 

  • Welbeck Farm Shop has a wide selection of in-season vegetables and fruit right now. Opening hours are Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sundays, 9am - 4pm.