Christmas begins at Welbeck Bakehouse

22 July 2020

Christmas begins at Welbeck Bakehouse

It may still be the height of the summer but the festive season always starts early for the team at Welbeck Bakehouse and this year will be no exception.

In the heart of the Welbeck estate the bakers have begun their epic Christmas pudding production to ensure that the yuletide favourite will be ready to take pride of place on the festive table later this year.

Welbeck Bakehouse Luxury Christmas Puddings are produced over a long time. They’re matured for longer and hand mixed once a week for months by the bakers.

Traditional and lightly spiced, the puddings are packed with brandy-soaked fruit and made with handcrafted ale brewed by one of the Bakehouse’s closest neighbours, Welbeck Abbey Brewery, just a short walk across the yard.

“The puddings are mixed early in the year to allow the flavours time to mature properly,” explained Mark Garry, General Manager at Welbeck Bakehouse.

“It’s a two-stage process. We soak the fruit in copious amounts of alcohol for around seven days, then using our secret blend of spices, we mix and bake long and slow - up to five hours. They then they get around four months to mature.”

The award-winning recipe will be followed to the letter and the puddings, along with the Bakehouse’s traditional mince pies, will be available later this year in a number of small outlets, including the estate’s own Welbeck Farm Shop.