Community project tells epic story

18 May 2021

Community project tells epic story

A community art project that tells the stories of more than 400 individuals is now on show in The Harley Gallery at Welbeck.

Same Sea, Different Boat is a collaborative project between Louise Asher from Hope & Elvis, in The Harley Studios at Welbeck, Sue Brown at theyard:Artspace, and Liske Johnson at Littleheath Barn Studio. The project began last spring but it is only now that is can be displayed for all to see.

Together, they invited people to contribute a small design, measuring just 10x10cm, that reflected their experiences as the world moved into a pandemic.

It was a project that attracted interest from across the world, and hundreds of printed, stitched or drawn textile squares were submitted for inclusion. The beautiful and intricate squares were then sewn together to create a large-scale installation spanning six textile panels. These quilts tell the story of the pandemic through individual responses and shared experiences.