Flagship environmental scheme set for Welbeck estate

Flagship environmental scheme set for Welbeck estate

More than 27,000 trees are to be planted, starting this autumn, on land owned by the Welbeck estate at the former Creswell colliery site.

The 25-hectare parcel of land is to be turned into a community woodland by Bolsover District Council as part of a larger district-wide environmental programme.

The local authority received funding of £270k from the Woodland Trust to create a series of community woods in a bid to help tackle climate change. It’s one of only 12 grants awarded by the Trust across the country and will see the land at Creswell transformed into a flagship environmental scheme.


The grant was awarded after the council made a plea for ideas for community woodlands last year. The land has been provided by Welbeck Estates and the local community will be invited to take part and contribute to the project.

David Cannie, Assistant Agent at Welbeck Estates Company said: “We are delighted to be working with Bolsover District Council and the Woodland Trust to create a legacy project that the whole community can enjoy."

“Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. We are committed to protecting the environment and tackling climate change across our estate and pleased to be playing a part in creating an important natural habitat that will benefit people living in the local area.” 

Welbeck Estates Company will be involved with the design and future management.