Venison season begins

14 September 2021

Venison season begins

Eating regional, seasonal food with few food miles is the key to a sustainable diet. So as Britain’s prime venison season gets underway, we take a look at Welbeck estate’s very own venison…

Venison farmed in this country is generally viewed as healthy and environmentally friendly. It’s not intensively farmed like some meats, that means that it is nutrient-rich and good for you.

“Welbeck’s deers roam freely on ancient pastures on the 15,000-acre estate,” says Oliver Stubbins, general manager at Welbeck Farm Shop. “The grass and wild vegetation give the meat its distinct flavour and results in a superior meat.”

And now’s the best time to try it, he says. “From now through to January is the best time to eat venison. The meat is particularly healthy and lean. That’s because the animal has benefited from a good, natural diet, which contributes to better tasting game.”

It is not only healthy and full of flavour, he says, but it’s also supporting sustainable food production. Welbeck's seasonal venison has zero food miles as it doesn't leave the estate before reaching the counter.Venison has higher iron levels than other red meats, is low in fat and cholesterol and full of good nutrients including iron, zinc and essential vitamins. It’s also particularly good for Omega-3 and Omega-6 – the healthiest sources of good fat.

Looking for a recipe for venison? Visit the Welbeck Farm Shop website for details.