Welbeck Dairy

Welbeck Dairy supplies milk from a herd of 100 pedigree Holstein Cows. Raw Milk from the Welbeck Dairy is available to buy from the Dairy's vending machine, located in Welbeck Farm Shop.

These happy cows graze the pastures of the historic Welbeck estate, and their delicious milk is used to make Stichelton Cheese.

Raw Milk from the Welbeck Dairy will be available to buy from the Dairy's vending machine, located in Welbeck Farm Shop. 

By buying Raw Milk from Welbeck Dairy, you support our farm as the farmer receives the full selling price of the milk.

You also get a truly exceptional product. This Raw Milk is delivered from the dairy every morning after milking. It’s the freshest milk that you can buy, and as it’s not been pasteurised, this creamy, wholesome milk is just as nature intended it.

Pasteurisation kills some of the harmful bacteria in milk, but also kills much of the good bacteria and lactase enymes, which can make it more difficult to digest, and destroys many of the B and C Vitamins.

But our milk isn't pasteurised. It isn't skimmed, either, which means that your bottle will include a generous measure of cream. This not only tastes delicious, but also contains a good helping of Vitamins A and D.

We're hugely proud of our farmers and the care and expert attention that they provide our cows and our milk. We believe that our Raw Milk is great - great tasting, great for you, and great for the farmer.

However, as the milk is not pasteurised, by law we must tell you that

“This milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health”.