Welbeck Woodyard

The Welbeck Woodyard team manages sustainably over 5,000 acres of ancient woodland on the Welbeck estate. Welbeck’s woodlands are an equal mix of hardwoods and softwoods, which fuels Welbeck's 800kw Biomass boiler, or is sold as construction lumber, fencing materials, horse shavings and residential firewood.

Welbeck Firewood Sales
Welbeck Woodyard supplies hardwood logs in builder's bags cut from sustainable woodlands on the Welbeck Estate. Hardwood logs provide excellent burning performance, offering superior heat output and burn time.

Single load (equivalent to one builder's bag full)   £95
Double load   £180
Triple load  £265
Kindling    £4.50 

Delivered to addresses within a 10 mile radius of the Welbeck estate.
Please contact the Woodyard for delivery prices outside the 10 mile radius.

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