25 JUN

Welbeck Food Market

in The Courtyard

Welbeck Food Market

Visit The Courtyard on the last weekend of June for a fabulous artisan food market.

This is the perfect opportunity to buy direct and meet local food producers carefully selected by Welbeck Farm Shop.

This event coincides with the Earth and Fire International Ceramic Fair.



Opening times:

Friday, 10am - 5pm

Saturday, 10am - 5pm

Sunday 11am - 4pm


Car parking and entry to the food market is free, there is an admission charge to enter the seperate ceramics fair.

Visit to see the following artisan food producers:

Sloe Motion
Welbeck Bakehouse
Welbeck Abbey Brewery
Liza Bakes
Rhubarb Farm
Stichelton Dairy
Lincolnshire Poacher
Sauce Shop
Starkeys Farm
Sisters Cuisine
The Bottle Drinks Co
The School of Artisan Food 
Welbeck Dairy
Dotty about Jam
Sovereign Spirits
The Cocktail Pickers Club
Cossack Cuisine
White's of Old Cantley 
Autumn Harvest