Welbeck Abbey State Room Tours

Take a guided tour of Welbeck Abbey and see six grand State Rooms that date back to the 18th century. Each room is decorated with some of the finest objects and artworks from The Portland Collection.

During your visit, you will also discover some of the earliest rooms at Welbeck Abbey, which date back to the 17th century. The tour ends with the greatest Arts and Crafts decorative ensemble in any aristocratic house in Britain - shown in a private Chapel, library and long curved corridor.

The Welbeck Abbey State Room Tours are run by The Harley Foundation.

This charitable trust works to inspire creativity through exhibitions of historic and contemporary art, events and education programmes, and by providing artist’s studios.

The Welbeck Abbey State Room Tours start at the Foundation’s award-winning Portland Collection museum, where you can see further art and objects from this astonishing historic collection.


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We have a selection of holiday accommodation here on the Welbeck estate that will make your visit extra special. Stay in the heart of the Welbeck Village in The Winnings or select a stay in a nearby village at Holbeck Farm Barns or Stable Cottage in Belph.