Restoration of Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses

Restoration of Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses

Long-term tenant, Notcutts Dukeries Garden Centre is excited to announce a meticulous restoration project that will breathe new life into the historic Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses.

This ambitious undertaking represents a significant commitment to preserving the heritage of the garden centre while enhancing the visitor experience.

The Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses, completed in the early 1900s under the instruction of the 6th Duke of Portland, were a welcome addition to the Kitchen Gardens created by the 5th Duke of Portland in the late 19th century.

Over the years, these magnificent structures have housed a diverse collection of exotic plants and beautiful displays. 

The repair and restoration project aims to revitalise the Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses, ensuring they continue to serve as a focal point of horticultural excellence and inspiration for the community. Notcutts Dukeries Garden Centre recognises the historical significance of these glasshouses and their role in preserving and promoting the rich gardening heritage of the region.

Notcutts Dukeries Garden Centre is collaborating with skilled architects and heritage experts to ensure that the restoration project adheres to the highest standards of historical accuracy and conservation ethics.

"We are thrilled to embark on this ambitious project to restore the Edwardian Messenger Glasshouses to their former glory," said Andrew Rawson, Garden Centre Manager at Notcutts Dukeries Garden Centre. "Our commitment to repairing and preserving this vital piece of our horticultural heritage aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire and delight garden enthusiasts of all ages. We look forward to sharing the progress and the beauty of the rejuvenated glasshouses with our community."

The restoration works are taking place behind protective screening.  Windows have been introduced in the screening to allow customers to observe the work in progress.  Notcutts Dukeries Garden Centre welcomes the local community and garden enthusiasts from afar to witness the transformation of the Edwardian Messenger Glasshouse. 


The restoration project is expected to be completed in Spring 2024.