Welbeck Woodyard

The Welbeck Forestry team manages sustainably over 5,000 acres of ancient woodland on the Welbeck estate. Welbeck’s woodlands are an equal mix of hardwoods and softwoods, which fuels Welbeck's 800kw Biomass boiler or is sold as construction lumber, fencing materials, horse shavings and residential firewood.

Welbeck forestry provides high quality, low moisture content, and sustainably sourced firewood at competitive prices.


Hardwood Firewood

Bulk bag of kiln-dried hardwood logs comprised of a mixture of oak, birch, beech, ash and sycamore.

£160.00 inc. VAT

Special offer: Receive £10 off per bag when purchasing two or more bags, plus a free bag of kindling per bag.


Hardwood Chip

Bulk bag (90x90x90cm) of hardwood chip


Forest Bark

Bulk bag (90x90x90cm) of forest bark (for beds and borders)



3.5kg bag of kiln-dried hardwood kindling



Download our Woodchip Woodsure Certificate of Approval 

Download our RTB Fuel Certificate 

How to order 

To place an order or make an enquiry, contact Duncan Scroggs

Email: firewood@welbeck.co.uk

Phone number: 01909 500 211 or 07719 534 281


Full payment must be made prior to receiving your order.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Please make cheques payable to The Welbeck Estates Company Limited. 



Our well-seasoned hardwood logs, softwood logs, hardwood chip and forest bark, are delivered in large bulk bags (90x90x90cm).

Delivery is free of charge within a 10-mile radius of the Welbeck Estate, and we give you a complimentary bag of 3.5kg kiln-dried hardwood kindling with each bulk bag delivered. Delivery within 10 - 20 miles is charged at a fixed rate of £10. For delivery beyond 20 miles, please contact us. For delivery radius, please use postcode S80 3LR.   


It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that there is safe and clear access for the delivery of the items. If, at arrival, there are obstructions and restricted conditions preventing delivery, it is left at the driver's discretion on whether to cancel the delivery. If the choice is made, it may incur a cancellation fee to cover the cost of dispatching and returning your order. If you are unsure whether your location is suitable for delivery, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01909 500 211 to discuss further.


Nets of hardwood or softwood logs are also available to collect from the Welbeck Woodyard at a pre-arranged date and time. 


Terms & Conditions 

Welbeck Woodyard Terms and Conditions